soundSCAPE Festival: July 7-19, 2021
Featuring our in-person program at Conservatorio Bruno Maderna as well as an online program held over Zoom. 

Applications will open March 16, 2021
Applications Due April 15, 2021

Onsite Participation Fees:
• $1,800 = Full Tuition: Includes all festival activities, lodging of single hotel rooms, and Italian breakfast of a coffee and pastry each morning
• $45 = Application Fee

Remote Participation Fees:
• $350 = Per Course, available only for online participants
• $800 = Full Course Access Tuition
• $45 = Application Fee

Onsite Offerings:
• Chamber music
• Composer/performer performance collaborations: Each composition participant will be commissioned to compose a solo work for premiere at the festival with the following instrumental choices: Voice, Piano, Violin, Cello, Flute, Percussion, Electronics.
• Lessons and group masterclass
• Lectures/Interviews
• Composer seminar
• Special seminar on performer technology (online)
• Special seminar on video/sound engineering (online)

Remote Offerings: $350 per course or $800 all-inclusive
Composer/performer collaboration: Solo piece, which can be composed for acoustic performance, or with an electronics or media component. Includes 1 coaching with composition faculty, 1 coaching with performance faculty, and post-production enhancement of the recording which will then be broadcast online and archived on soundSCAPE’s YouTube & social media.
Lectures/Interviews – FREE to all participants

The following remote courses have conflicting schedules. Participants can sign up either for Composition Seminar OR Performer Lessons/Masterclass. Participants may also sign up for either the Performer Technology seminar OR Video/Sound Engineering seminar.

Lessons and group masterclass: remote students will be guaranteed 2 private lessons and at least one masterclass performance
• Composer seminar
• Special seminar on performer technology
• Special seminar on video/sound engineering

Sample Daily Schedule:
(Please note that the remote portion of the festival will take place from 14h30-19h)

Asynchronous (in-person participants will meet together)
9h-12h in-person activities only
12h-13h Concert
13h-14h30 Lunch

Synchronous (all participants will meet together on Zoom)
14h30-16h 1) Composition Seminar 2) Performers lessons/masterclass
16h-17h30 2) Performer Technology Seminar 2) Audio/Video recording seminar
18h-19h Daily Tutti event (faculty lecture, roundtable, interviews, recitals)

19h-20h rehearsals, practice

Not Covered In Tuition
Meals (lunch and dinner), airfare, passport fees, transportation to/from the festival, activities/entertainment during scheduled free periods, laundry, phone charges, supplementary maid service or incidental hotel charges/damages, any meals/hotel/transport due to airline scheduling, train strike, delays, etc. The festival will not be held responsible for providing a taxi or other shuttle to any train stations or airport. Participants should have a contingency plan in the event of a train strike or airline delay, which may prevent your timely departure from the country.

• $516 non-refundable tuition deposit due on April 26, 2021
• Remainder tuition balance due prior to May 10, 2020

Remote Participants
• $350 non-refundable tuition deposit (payment for one course) due on April 26, 2021
• Remainder balance for courses or Full Course Access tuition due prior to May 10, 2021

Single-room occupancy at a city-center hotel is included as part of the festival tuition. Festival accommodations are within 10-15 minutes walking distance from the conservatory. Available evenings of July 7– 18 only (12 nights); participants arriving before, or departing after these dates will need to make their own arrangements for additional accommodation. Participants who elect to arrange their own accommodation for the duration of the festival will be given a $300 reduction in tuition. The festival assumes no responsibility for the arrangement of off-site accommodation.

Participants should plan to arrive on July 7 (July 6 departure from outside the EU). The final event is on the evening of July 18; check-out is on July 19 in the morning.

All tuition deposits of $516 reserve an individual’s participation in the festival, and are subject to refund according to the evolving COVID situation. A refund of the remaining tuition ($1,300)–not including the original $516 deposit–will be granted if the participant is not able to travel to Italy or has other emergencies. Withdrawals on May 10th and following will not be refunded any tuition unless it is impacted by the pandemic. Forfeited deposit or tuition funds may be credited to attendance in a future edition/year of the festival. The festival will not be held liable for missed attendance/ participation due to delays or cancellation of travel.

Additional Application Materials

• ONE work of any instrumentation/length, for evaluation only.
email score (pdf) and midi or mp3 recording of the piece.

• live, unedited recordings of TWO solo contrasting works; any style/period.
submit recordings or links via email [mp3, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

• Video of two conducted performances; pieces should be of contrasting styles, and one must feature a modern-to-contemporary work. Links to video via YouTube, Vimeo, etc. are preferred.

If you experience problems submitting mp3 files to the festival email address, we suggest using a free file-sharing service, such as