soundSCAPE will accept one conducting participant for our 2023 at a reduced tuition rate.

How can soundSCAPE further my career aspirations?

More than just another festival, soundSCAPE is a place where musicians are encouraged to experiment, grow, and exceed what they thought possible. Participants forge relationships that have laid the groundwork for careers, which continue to inform their work as new music professionals. Life at the festival is experienced as a community; participants and faculty live, eat, and work together.

Who attends the festival?
Participants are selected from around the world. The new music community is close-knit, and you’re likely to find soundSCAPE alumni at centers of contemporary music making from Hong Kong to Australia, to Brazil and beyond. The composition and performance programs present musicians from a variety of backgrounds and aesthetics, with ample opportunities to learn about and from each other.

What opportunities will I have to be involved?
We present workshops in improvisation, contemporary performance techniques, and career development. Conductors are invited to attend rehearsals of faculty ensembles and guest artists. All lectures and colloquia are open to participants as well.

What kinds of performance opportunities exist at the festival?
The soundSCAPE calendar is a busy one… In a typical festival we present the premieres of over 40 works.  All performances are recorded, and made available on the festival’s YouTube channel, and other media platforms.

How do I apply?
Conductors should fill out the online application form, including a listing of repertoire they have conducted. Applicants are also requested to submit video of two conducted performances; the pieces should be of contrasting styles, and one must feature a modern to contemporary work. Links to online video recordings are preferred (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

More questions?
Contact us – we’re happy to help!