Sound Recording

Sound Recording

The sound recording program at soundSCAPE seeks to offer significant artistic and professional learning opportunities for 2-3 beginning music engineers through hands-on participation in concert recordings, recording sessions, live sound reinforcement, and other technical demands of the festival.

The soundSCAPE calendar is a busy one… In a typical festival we present the premieres of over 40 works. Together with other concerts by faculty and participants, this results in 10+ recording sessions. Sound recording participants are given lead roles in these professional recording sessions under the guidance of faculty member Denis Martin. All performances are recorded and post-produced in both audio and video. The recordings are made available on the festival’s YouTube channel, and other media platforms.

As part of the program, participants will have individual lessons that meet each student where they are in their development.

Lecture Series
Members of the composition, performance, and sound recording faculty often offer a presentation about their own work. Composition faculty will offer analytical presentations about current and past works, performance faculty offer presentations on performing complex rhythms, writing for voice, improvisation, etc, and technical faculty offer presentations on current trends in audio/video production or music technology.

Who should apply to the Sound Recording program?
Participants are selected from around the world and multiple profiles are encouraged to apply. Are you a musician who’s interested in taking a deep dive into technology? No problem! We can take you from step 1. Are you a beginner audio engineer looking to refine your audio and video production skills? Perfect! Are you an established engineer looking for an introduction to production in a contemporary classical context? That works too!

The composition and performance programs present musicians from a variety of backgrounds and aesthetics, with ample opportunities to learn about and from each other.

How do I apply?
Applicants should fill out the online application form, including a description of their musical and production background. If you have links to recordings you’ve done, you can include those as well.

More questions?
Contact us – we’re happy to help!