Contemporary Flute Institute and Chamber Festival

Have you ever wanted to tackle some of the most challenging repertoire in the twentieth and twenty-first century? Or, have you ever wanted to take that first step into extended techniques but didn’t know how? How about doing all of that in beautiful Cesena, Italy? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!!

Join new music specialist Lisa Cella for two weeks of intense study of solo contemporary flute literature and chamber music making. All levels of contemporary music experience welcome. The specifics of the course will be designed around the individual abilities represented but the goal of the institute is to expose each participant to the diversity of contemporary flute repertoire across all levels and to engage in discourse on performance techniques and practices as well as addressing issues about the mechanics and execution of extended technique production through master classes and private lessons.

Advanced flutists (flutists familiar with contemporary technique): Focus will be on performance practice and issues of music already prepared as well as exploration of the most challenging of repertoire with score study, performance classes and lessons culminating in a studio recital.

Beginner flutists (flutists new to contemporary technique): Focus will be on group classes to familiarize the participant with the execution of most extended techniques as well as to introduce repertoire that employs these techniques and discourse on the learning process and performance practice. These participants can perform in the studio recital if they wish.

In addition to the solo work, participants will join in the rehearsing and performance of new works for chamber ensembles, either discovering first hand what it is like to work with a composer to bring a new work to light or lending their experience to the piece and the composer.

Possible repertoire pieces
Beginning repertoire:

  • Sequenza – Luciano Berio
  • Etudes – John Heiss
  • Density 21.5 – Edger Varese
  • Parable by Vincent Persichetti
  • Works by Katherine Hoover
  • Venus Noodles – John Fonville
  • Quodlibet II by Donald Martino

More advanced repertoire:

  • Sgothan – James Dillon
  • Cassandra’s Dream Song – Brian Ferneyhough
  • Works by Salvatore Sciarrino, Robert Dick, Michael Smetanin, Chris Dench, Gerald Brophy, Michael Finnessy, Ann LaBerge, to name a few
  • Music for Sarah – John Fonville

Also accepted works for bass flute, alto flute and piccolo.

Please feel free to contact Lisa Cella with repertoire questions and ideas.