Denis Martin



Audio and Video Production for Music is designed to take tech-savvy musicians and composers to the next level in their production abilities. Participants will receive training on the placement of a USB microphone, mobile camera, lighting, and acoustics to achieve an optimal capture of a performance. This will come with practice in Critical Listening: learning the audible effects of changes to technical parameters in audio production. We will also cover basic post-production: audio mixing, mastering, audio sync to video, and video color correction. The course will follow a lecture/lab format and each participant will produce their own video recording as part of the class.


Denis Martin is a course instructor, researcher, and audio engineer with diverse interests and expertise. He currently teaches courses in music production at McGill University. Denis holds a PhD and MMus in Sound Recording from McGill and a BMus in Percussion Performance from Acadia University. His research interests include critical listening, technical ear training, perceptual evaluation of audio, and production techniques. As a freelance engineer, he primarily specializes in contemporary classical music, but also works on projects in jazz, R&B, and rock.