The 2018 Ensemble-in-Residence at soundSCAPE is the Vertix Sonora Ensemble!

Since its appearance in 2010, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble became in a veritable boost of Galician society. Its permanent new works premiere allows that Galicia participates of the international sound creation for the first time in its history with an active and challenging role. An irreplaceable reference for the latest young generation of international composers that find in their productions the opportunity for developing their musical ideas with a global perspective and in a constant state of upheaval, in the pursuit of artistic excellence. Associated to the Galician Institute of Sonology (IGS) a platform for sound investigation and experimentation with new digital methods and tools, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble is integrated by prominent soloists of contemporary music in Galicia and Portugal, including sound and visual artists, jazz musicians, classical performers, and people of the theatre and dance. From an awareness of the diversity in the approach to sound, it provides a constant dialogue and interaction with the thought, science, technology and other forms of contemporary art with a cosmopolitan perspective, integrative and cross-cultural that do not renounce nor the rigor, nor the transgression nor the spirit of the avant-garde.