Fees: all prices include accommodation
   • $2,000 = full tuition
   • $1,700 = tuition per person if applying as a performing duo
   • $1,500 = tuition per person if applying as a performing ensemble (three or more players)
   • $700 = guest (no tuition; concerts free)

Not Covered In Tuition
Meals, airfare, passport fees, transportation to/from the festival, activities/entertainment during scheduled free periods, laundry, phone charges, supplementary maid service, any meals/hotel/transport due to airline scheduling, train strike, delays, etc.

   • $500 non-refundable tuition deposit by January 31 or subsequent date as notified by the festival. Two weeks following individual acceptance notification for performers and conductors
   • remainder of balance due as specified, prior to April 15
   • refunds of the deposit/tuition will only be issued if a suitable individual can be found to take your place, at the same level of tuition, prior to April 30. The deposit/tuition can be fully applied to the next festival year should an emergency prevent you from attending this year. The deposit and tuition are non-refundable following April 30. All tuition must be paid in full by April 15.

Participants will be housed in hotels near the city center, within 5-10′ walking distance of the festival venue. In most cases, breakfast is included; however, lunch and dinner are on your own. Requests for a single room will be granted as available, and for an extra fee. 13 nights accommodation are provided, from July 8 including the final evening of July 20. Participants arriving before, or departing after these dates will need to make other arrangements.

Additional Application Materials
   • ONE work of any instrumentation/length, for evaluation only.
   • live, unedited recordings of TWO solo contrasting works; any style/period.
   • Video of two conducted performances; pieces should be of contrasting styles, and one must feature a modern-to-contemporary work.