Fees all prices include accommodation
   • $2,000 = full tuition
   • $1,700 = tuition per person if applying as a performing duo
   • $1,500 = tuition per person if applying as a performing ensemble (three or more players)
   • $1,400 = auditor (all workshops, lectures, rehearsals, concerts)
   • $900 = guest (no tuition; concerts free)

Not Covered In Tuition
Meals, airfare, passport fees, transportation to/from the festival, activities/entertainment during scheduled free periods, laundry, phone charges, supplementary maid service, any meals/hotel/transport due to airline scheduling, train strike, delays, etc.

   • $30 application fee: by 15 January for early composer consideration, and 15 February for all composers/ performers
   • $500 reservation deposit by 28 February; refundable per schedule below
   • remainder balance due 31 May

Participants are housed in the Casa Emmaus; a retreat complex within five minutes walking of festival facilities and the lake. Apartments are shared (1-2 roommates) with shared bath. Available evenings of 03 – 15 July only; participants arriving before, or departing after these dates will need to make arrangements for additional accommodation. Kitchens with cooking/eating utensils and refrigerators/ovens are included in accommodation.

Refunds dates below apply to year 2015
100% of Deposit is refundable for withdrawal between 01 March and 01 April. 50% of Deposit is refundable for withdrawal between 02 April and 20 April. Deposit is non-refundable after 20 April. Tuition not paid in full by 31 May will be assessed a late fee of $75. 50% of total tuition will be refunded for withdrawals from 01-10 June; 25% from 11-15 June; 0% 16 June and following. soundSCAPE is not responsible for any wire/transfer fees assessed on refunds to participants. Application fee is non-refundable.

Additional Application Materials
   • ONE work of any instrumentation/length, for evaluation only.
    email score (pdf) and midi or mp3 recording of the piece.
   • live, unedited recordings of TWO solo contrasting works; any style/period.
    submit recordings or links via email [mp3, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc).
   • send a letter of recommendation from your major teacher, to address below
    no scores or mp3 recordings are required

If you experience problems submitting mp3 files to the festival email address, we suggest using a free file-sharing service, such as