• Pre-Formed Ensembles: Ensembles of 3 or more performers will receive a tuition reduction of $500 per person. Pre-formed duos will be granted a tuition reduction of $300 per person.
  • MusicArte, a sister festival, offers participants of Latin American origins a tuition reduction of $150. Past participants of MusicArte are also eligible for a one time $150 tuition reduction; email Curtis Rumrill for more information.
  • Attending Another Festival? Participants attending another summer 2018 European music festival (eg. UPBEAT, Darmstadt) will be granted a $150 discount.

Awards can be combined for a maximum of $800 reduction in tuition fees.

Pursuing additional sources of support

We strive to keep our costs low, and have not increased tuition in over five seasons. Many of our participants will organize a benefit recital, either at their current institution, their home town, or both. This is a good platform to raise awareness of your acceptance to the festival. 

Another option is to apply for any grants from your university; admission to the festival is granted on a competitive basis. We can also provide an official letter of invitation to support any applications.

We also recommend crowdsourcing via GoFundMe or other platforms to help offset the cost of attending.